Loujain Hussain was injured after an argument in school which turned violent during the recess. She suffered brain haemorrhage after being attacked by four Grade 4 boys. Image Credit: Courtesy: Hussain family

Abu Dhabi: It has been over a week since Loujain was admitted to the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) after being viciously attacked at school and she has yet to open her eyes.

"Her doctors are concerned about that, but have said there is nothing more they can do right now. Loujain has to open her eyes on her own," Mahran Hussain, her older brother, told Gulf News.

"They reduced her sedation a little on Wednesday but she began moving around so they increased it again because of concerns that she would knock over the equipment around her," he added.

According to Hussain, the latest brain scans taken on Saturday revealed that bleeding in her brain has not stopped completely and there is still slight swelling.

"That is another thing the doctors are worried about. At the moment they cannot tell how the swelling will affect her vision and speech...which is why they want her to open her eyes," said Hussain, 22, an Iranian expatriate.

Constant vigil

Loujain, 11, is a Grade 7 pupil at the Al Ma'ali International Private School. She was attacked by a group of younger pupils in the school's playground during recess.

Four boys who are in Grade 4 left Loujain with serious injuries, including a brain haemorrhage, and she underwent emergency surgery at the SKMC when she was first admitted.

"The doctors told us previously that it would take at least two weeks for the excess blood to drain so they can examine her better... she began speaking slightly when her sedation levels were reduced, but was not responsive to us," Hussain said.

While the family are keeping a constant vigil by Loujain's bedside, they once again thanked all those who had sent messages of support or visited the hospital.

"We have been receiving visitors, including relatives, friends and members of the public...unfortunately, we are unable to bring them to Loujain's room, so we meet them outside," Hussain said.

"Several charitable organisations have also contacted us.

"One told us that if she needs medical treatment abroad, they would try and arrange for it... we are thankful for their generosity and willingness to help us."

Hussain Abdullah, Loujain's father, filed a case against the school at Mussafah police station. The police, along with the Abu Dhabi Education Council, are investigating.

Pupils struggle to come to terms

Abu Dhabi:  The corridors of Al Ma'ali International Private School are constantly buzzing as pupils discuss the circumstances that led to 11-year-old Loujain Hussain being hospitalised in the wake of a brutal attack by a group of Grade 4 pupils.

"There are a lot of rumours... some people are saying Loujain provoked the boys on purpose and others are saying she fell down the stairs... even though the story has already been published," a Grade 7 pupil who wished to remain anonymous told Gulf News.

However, the pupil noted that school life was starting to return to normal.

"It is much better than last week... the four boys are still at school but they do not come out for recess. They stay in the classroom and I think that has helped," the pupil said.