Abu Dhabi: The weekend opening of the Liwa International Festival 2020 saw thousands of residents attending the event taking place at the Moreeb Dune, which takes place until January 10.

Some of the festival’s main activities saw a five-minute fireworks show and a concert performed by famous Emirati singer Eida Al Menhali, with many more programmes and concerts lined up over the next week, including performances by Balqees and Hamad Al Amri.

“We are happy to have such large crowds on the first day, which proves that the festival captured everyone’s hearts and reflects Al Dhafrah’s touristic capabilities,” said Hamda Al Shamsi, head of the Media Committee, Liwa International Festival 2020.

“Rich in heritage, Al Dhafrah is a fertile ground for hunters of treasures of the past. Its variety of castles and forts tells the story of an important historical era in the UAE in general and Al Dhafrah region in particular,” Al Shamsi added.

Among the festival’s main attraction includes the Liwa Heritage Market, where visitors can acquaint themselves with authentic Emirati handmade artifacts as well as traditional Emirati heritage competitions including camel racing, falconry and purebred Arabian horse racing.

“The festival resembles an artistic painting that preserves heritage through Liwa Heritage Market with its handicrafts and artifacts, falconry, camel and Purebred Arabian horses competitions and others, highlighting originality and authenticity,” Al Shamsi said.