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Salaheddine, Tareq and Marko are the winners of the latest Mahzooz Draw in the UAE

Dubai: Three expats from Lebanon, Morocco and Serbia collectively took home Dh300,000, while 53 other winners shared the second-tier prize of Dh1 million during the 103rd Mahzooz weekly draw in Dubai.

Tarek, 31, a Lebanese entrepreneur in Dubai who runs a management consulting firm, said he was having dinner with his friend on the night of the draw when he received the surprising email from Mahzooz informing him of his big win. Tarek intends buy a gift for his mother and donate a part of his win to charity as well.

Moroccan expat Salaheddine, 33, who also won Dh100,000, said he was out with his brother at a café on the night of the draw. He will use the prize money to buy a car for his brother who lives in Dubai and a bike for one of his brothers who lives in Morocco

The third winner, 35-year old Marko from Serbia, for his part, said: “I’ll use the winning money to partly invest in a property back home and to travel. I’m so thankful to Mahzooz for helping me acquire such a huge amount of money overnight.”