The Accreditation and Standard-isation Section at the Central Laboratory Department of Dubai Municipality conducted 109 inspections at retail gold outlets during June, and inspectors collected 254 samples.

Mohammed Badri, Head of the section, said these samples are collected on a regular basis to test their quality in terms of both the carat and hallmarking.

He said the section also collected 31 samples of engine oils from various outlets in Dubai last month and seven outlets were found breaking rules.

Badri said in the monthly report of the section that tests were carried out to ensure that engine oil sold in the local market meets standards and specifications.

Dubai is the first emirate in the country to carry out lab tests on random samples of engine oil sold in the market, he said.

He said the section has also fined a concrete block factory for violating a Local Order that lays down specifications for concrete blocks used in construction.

During June, more than 49 inspections were undertaken by the section to construction sites and block factories to check their compliance with the order.

Two ready-mix firms and centralised concrete mixing units were fined for violating an administrative order of the municipality relating to the quality specifications of these products. Over 68 inspections were undertaken by the section last month to detect these violations.

Badri said the section also conducted six visits to private laboratories operating in the emirate last month.