Pedestrian link on Amman Street to end jaywalking on risky stretch Image Credit: Gulf News File

Sharjah: Jaywalking pedestrians are included in a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines announced last week, Sharjah Police have confirmed.

The scheme offers the discount to fines accrued before October 22 provided they are paid before January 31, 2020. This also includes the cancellation of blackpoints and impoundments. However, offences incurred from October 23 onwards are not included.

It has now been announced that jaywalkers are included in the discount initiative.

A total of 12,871 people were caught jaywalking in Sharjah in the first five months of last year.

Police launched several campaigns, including Dh400 fines and this has seen run over rates decrease 25 per cent with 30 deaths recorded last year compared to 40 the year before.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander in Chief of Sharjah Police, “It’s important that all road users understand the risks of violating safety, whether crossing or walking on the road, and learn how to stay safe.

“It is a crime to cross a road from an undesignated place, and offenders are fined Dh400.

“Pedestrians are advised to cross the road from zebra crossing or pedestrian bridges, otherwise they will face fines,” he added.

The Federal Penal Code allows traffic prosecutors to hold pedestrians liable if they cross from undesignated areas and cause accidents resulting in injury or damage.

The highest rates of jaywalking in Sharjah were recorded along Ebraheim Al Midifa’a Road (1,648) Industrial area No.4 Road (1,103) and Al Nahda (1,098).