Sharon Jutla, interior designer Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Summers in the UAE can get extremely hot. It can be an energy drainer too. To keep this excess heat at bay, you need to prep your home with design trends that will not only brighten your mood but also keep you cool throughout the summer season.

Opt for minimal decor: Declutter and reorganise every room until only the essentials are left. Opt for furniture that is minimal and compact but suits your needs. This will leave more space for maximum air circulation as well as create a cool and calming effect.

Go bare: Rugs add warmth to a room with their textures. Getting rid of them in summer, it allows your floorboards or tiles to breathe. However, if you love floor covering, try natural fibres such as sisal which is breathable, thin, and allows drafts to flow.

Keep shade: Keep your curtains and blinds closed to keep unwanted heat out. Go for cool-colored shutters, blinds, and drapes. Choose blinds that let you see outside while still blocking the sun. White curtains and blinds are also good at reflecting light and heat away.

Lighting: Too much light makes a room feel warmer. Go for large windows with thin cotton or sheer curtains. This lets in only the necessary amount of light. Fluorescent bulbs, dimmers, or LED bulbs can also be used for low temperatures. You should also lower your shades or add awnings outside to regulate the amount of sun.

Add shades of blue: Paint your house with a shade of blue or accessorise with vases and flowers that have shades of blue. Blue cools down space and can be paired up with white to reflect heat. Add shades of your favorite blue colors in textiles like throw pillows and curtains.

Pastel colours: Pastel colors are subtle yet elegant. They can be styled with other prints and shades. They are available in different ranges from cheerful bright to dusky hues and pale stints. You can also accessorise with gelato-inspired hued vases, dining chairs and table ware.

De-stress and brighten your home with plants: Houseplants make a room look larger, brighter and airy. They are also affordable, low-maintenance, and have health benefits too. Bright botanical prints are trending this season.

– The author is an award-winning interior designer