noise in the city: Late night construction at Palm Jumeirah is giving a headache to residents Image Credit: Clint Egbert/xpress

Dubai: Municipality inspectors are carrying out random checks at construction sites to ensure that they do not exceed the restricted noise level at night.

Residents who were at first sceptical about the ongoing construction work along Jumeirah Beach Residence and other areas in new Dubai said they were relieved at the low levels of noise made, and that the construction companies have clearly made efforts to not cause any type of annoyance.

“The first thing that came to mind when I saw that construction was taking place near my home was that the workers will be welding and making all sorts of odd noises at 2am. But I was pleasantly surprised that the only noise I can hear at night is the odd sound of a hammer,” said Rob C., a resident who lives near The Walk.

Although the amount of construction taking place across the city after dark has not been as abundant as during the economic boom, authorities continue to extend their concern to residents so that any type of construction does not exceed 45 decibels. Dubai Municipality has set the limit for construction work during the day, from 7am to 8pm, at 55 decibels.

The noise limits can be compared to everyday noises, as an average bird call is recorded at 44 decibels, while a large electrical transformer is at 50 decibels.

In Abu Dhabi, regular working hours are from 6am to 6pm, and contractors are also able to seek permission to work extra hours or round the clock.

“Companies that want to work at night have to obtain a permit to do so, and the main reasons is if the project is delayed or to complete urgent work. Construction is only allowed to take place in commercial areas, and can take place any time from 8pm to 7am for an approved length of time,” said an official at Dubai Municipality.

“There are some jobs that are clearly not allowed, such as hammering or demolition, and inspectors carry out random checks at construction sites to ensure that the decibel limit has not been exceeded. Otherwise, they will get a warning notice,” said the official.