Lucky duo: Vinod (left) and Rustamkhan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two Indian expats can now bring their respective families to the UAE for a reunion after winning Dh500,000 each in the latest Mahzooz draw.

Rustamkhan, 34, from Rajasthan and Vinod, 43, from Kerala matched five out of six winning numbers 2-19-27-43-47-49 and shared the Dh1 million second prize during the live draw held on June 26.

For Rustamkhan, a Dubai resident who works as a salesman at a fruit and vegetable market winning with Mahzooz was the “icing on the cake” after celebrating the birth of his daughter earlier this week. He said: “This win was truly a blessing that has come at the right time. My baby girl is incredibly lucky and apparently she’s the lucky charm of our family. I’m grateful that I won with Mahzooz so soon after my baby’s birth.”

Family to settle in Dubai

“The amount (Dh500,000) and timing of this win will change our lives for the better. Now, I can take care of my wife and both my girls in a better way,” he added with glee.

Rustamkhan who has lived in Dubai for the past 10 years, knows very well what to do with the money. “I will use some of the prize money to bring my family to Dubai so that we can reunite and settle down here. I feel at home here,” said Rustamkhan, adding: “I’m also planning to help some people in my hometown, many of whom are reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Another family reunion

Keralite expat Vinod, who has spent the past 11 years working as a marine rigger in Fujairah, also could not contain his excitement after becoming Dh500,000 richer.

He said: “I’m honestly still unable to believe that I won and that my life is going to have a sea of change. I have always led a simple life and never made big plans because I couldn’t afford them,” said Vinod. “But this is a great twist that I never expected. Thanks to Mahzooz, for the very first time in my life, I can now have big plans for my future.”

“The first thing I did was to call my wife to tell her the good news. Even she couldn’t believe it. She has never visited the UAE before but now I can bring her and our kids here permanently. We will reunite as a family,” he added.

How to join

The first prize of Dh50 million is still waiting to be won and will once again be up for grabs. The next Mahzooz draw is scheduled on Saturday (July 3) at 9pm (UAE time). Entry price is Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering at Mahzooz website.