Dr. Larry Liddle, a physician from the United States, and his wife Marilyn, a registered nurse, were recognised for more than 32 years of service at the Oasis Hospital in Al Ain. During an evening ceremony, officials unveiled a plaque dedicating the Oasis Hospital Outpatient Facility in honour of the couple.

In 1960, through an invitation by the late Shaik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Oasis Hospital brought the first modern healthcare to the entire Abu Dhabi region. Since the time when doctors Pat and Marian Kennedy founded Oasis Hospital over 47 years ago, many other doctors and nurses have also come to serve. Yet none of them served at Oasis Hospital nearly as long as Larry and Marilyn Liddle.

Dr. Liddle, Marilyn and their two young children first arrived at this desert oasis in 1975. Their plan at that time was to work at the Oasis Hospital for a few months, then move on to another assignment. The love they developed for the people of this land changed all that, and over time they became affectionately known by the local community as "Dr. Fowad" and "Laila". Both have lived up to their names, serving for over 32 years with a love and compassion that come from the heart.

During their early years at Oasis Hospital, Dr. Liddle was sometimes the only doctor available. It was not unusual for him and his wife to see patients all day in the outpatient clinic, then continue into the night with a woman in labor. Family Practice physicians are trained to handle almost any medical condition, and that training has served Dr. Liddle well. He has performed countless surgeries, delivered thousands of babies and cared for myriad adults and children alike with every sort of ailment.

Dr. Liddle and Marilyn recalled some of the memories they have from their early years. "Our first Christmas here, some Emirati friends came to call and greet us for our Eid. Larry received them at the front door. However, since we could not speak Arabic, I slipped out the back door to find someone from the hospital who could interpret for us! On another occasion, we were making our first visit to a local village in 1975. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed wonderful Arab hospitality. Our children played with the animals, and were amazed to see live camels, right next to the house! Later, on our way back to the hospital, our son asked us if we could stop at McDonald's to eat! He had no idea that there was no such thing as McDonald's in the UAE in those days."

Reflecting on their many years of life in Al Ain and their service at Oasis Hospital, Fowad and Laila concluded, "As we have cared for the people of this area through medicine, the most memorable part has been the opportunity to get to know so many national families. They have opened their hearts and homes, honoring us by their trust, and blessing us through their hospitality and friendship."

Dr. Liddle and his wife Marilyn plan to retire to the United States in June of this year. Fowad and Laila will be greatly missed by their hospital colleagues, and by the entire Al Ain community. The "Fowad Outpatient Clinic" is dedicated to their long and satisfying career at Oasis Hospital.