Clockwise from top-left: Ahmed Al Dhaheri, Yusuffali Ali MA, Rizwan Sajan and Sara Madani. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: History was created today by the UAE and the entire Arab world as the UAE's Hope Probe entered Mars' orbit. It was a moment of immense pride -- not only for Emiratis, but for the entire expatriate community in the country.

We, at Gulf News, spoke to a cross-section of people from different walks of life on what they felt about this historic occasion. Here’s what they had to say.

Rizwan Sajan

Indian businessman, Rizwan Sajan, chairman of the Danube Group: “The UAE’s Mars mission reflects the courage and vision of the country’s leadership. A fact that the country’s leaders are allocating resources for scientific and technological advancement of the UAE, shows the visionary leadership behind it all. As the Mission approaches Mars, we congratulate the UAE and its leadership.”

Sara Al Madani

Emirati entrepreneur and businesswoman, Sara Al Madani, 35, serial entrepreneur: “Today we mark history. As an Emirati, I feel so proud to be part of the historic event. My country’s attitude towards innovation, risk, ambition to set its own goals and achieve it full on inspires me too as an Emirati and businesswoman. I feel so proud of UAE today.” Al Madani turned an entrepreneur at the young age of 15.

Dr Azad Moopen

Fantastic achievement!

Dr Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman & Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare: “The Hope Mission to Mars testifies the capability of UAE to transcend the frontiers of space technology. Heartiest congratulations to the visionary Rulers of UAE who decided to embark on this bold initiative and the astute scientists of UAE who made it a reality. Proud to be a resident in this young, vibrant and forward looking country.”

Linzay Canham

British expat, Linzay Canham, 49, a home-maker: “The Hope probe is a first for Arab nations. It will provide scientific data for the next two years and be a STEM beacon for millions of students. Fingers crossed for the success!”

Ahmad Daham

Iraqi expat, Ahmad Daham, 34, a racer in Dubai: “The UAE has set the tone in the space world. I am so proud to be part of UAE. The Arab world will look at the country’s achievement with pride. I sincerely hope the mission is a success and we discover some major findings.”

Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali

Pakistani expat doctor in the UAE, Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali, consultant urologist, Medcare Hospital Al Safa: “It is amazing and joyful to see the first-ever interplanetary mission of UAE to reach Mars orbit. An outstanding achievement indeed for UAE and the Hope Probe mission.”

Hussain Al Mahmoudi

Emirati, Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park: “It is fitting that the Hope Probe will reach Mars while the UAE is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. In such a short span of time, the UAE has joined a powerhouse list of countries that have sent spacecraft to the Red Planet. Hope Probe will provide a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere, and it will also lead to a more ambitious goal by the UAE, and that is to build a human settlement on Mars within 100 years. SRTI Park is once again making its immense contribution towards placing the UAE economy as an open global laboratory for testing new concepts of advanced future technology and a global platform for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Yusuffali MA

Prominent Indian businessman, Yusuffali MA, chairman of Lulu Group: “What a monumental achievement and a historical moment. Absolutely proud and exciting to be here in this great country and witness this huge technological advancement not only for the UAE but for the entire Arab world. As we get ready to celebrate the 50th year of UAE, the Hope Mission will surely bring in much-needed hope and prosperity to the youth and entire mankind, especially during these challenging times. I am sure the success of this mission will further boost UAE’s confidence to go ahead with bigger and more impactful initiatives in the future.”

Dr Saeed Al Shaikh

Emirati, Dr Saeed Al Shaikh, consultant gastroentrologist, Medcare Hospital Al Safa: “This shows that the vision of our leadership has no limits. These steps will lead to considerable advancements in the scientific search for humanity. We as UAE people and everyone around us are very proud of this achievement.”

Anis Sajan

Indian businessman Anis Sajan, managing director — Danube Group: “Hope Probe is a symbol of the vision of the country’s leadership. It is a message of optimism and confidence that we all hold in the UAE. Hearty congratulations to UAE and the people behind the Mission.”

Katarina Elavia

Slovakian expat Katarina Elavia, 34, a fitness trainer in Dubai: “I am really curious about future travel to space. I would like to go if possible! Life beyond Earth has always fascinated me and the Hope Probe has kept me so interested.”

Kamal Vachani

Kamal Vachani, group director of Al Maya Group: “This is the time of great celebration of the country’s Mars Mission. I feel proud to say the UAE’s space mission means so much more than its potential contribution to the field of science. All credit goes to the country’s leadership and the team involved in this historic mission and working day and night. The UAE’s space orbiter is the game changer.”

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Ahmed Al Dhaheri

Ahmed Al Dhaheri, CEO of NPCC: “As a UAE national, I am extremely proud of the path-breaking achievement of our nation. It defines the UAE as the first nation from the Arab and Islamic world to carve a name in space research and exploration. We have now entered a new era in scientific and technological progress, delivering on the vision of our leadership to establish the nation as among the best in the world. The success of the Mars Orbital Insertion, the most crucial part of the Hope Probe, demonstrates our ability to compete with countries in advanced fields. Inspired by our leadership, our ambitious youth proved that no frontier is too far for a young nation. We have proved to the world that ‘nothing is impossible in the UAE’, and I am confident that we will continue to set impressive achievements, overcoming all challenges and achieving our ambitions.”