Abdulghaffar Mohammad Abdulghafoor Alhawi, HOD, Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare,GMU and Omar Nabi, Manager-Operations, Thumbay University Hospital , Ajman at the launch of Marhaba Service for the patients Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Thumbay University Hospital Ajman has announced the launch of a fast-track personalised ‘Marhaba Service’ for its patients.

The service includes concierge valet parking, separate entrance and elevator access, and waiting at a Marhaba lounge. It also assigns a guest relations officer to escort patients during their visit to the hospital. Those accompanying the patient can meanwhile choose to take a walk in a “therapeutic garden” at the facility or avail of an onsite movie theatre.

Movie Theatre at Thumbay University Hospital Ajman-1628427485727
Movie theater at Thumbay University Hospital Ajman Image Credit: Supplied

Dr Manveer Singh Walia, COO, Thumbay University Hospital Ajman, said: “This is only a preview of the host of benefits that the patients can expect. Being a patient-centric hospital, we are always looking at newer and more innovative ways to enhance our services. The Marhaba Service is a novel idea, providing a different direction and setting new benchmarks for the healthcare industry.”

Healthcare and hospitality

He added: “I feel that our sector has a lot to learn from the hospitality sector, as they both share many core characteristics and serve to the ever-demanding, well-informed customers. The hospitality industry is always re-inventing itself by continually coming up with fresh and extraordinary ideas to amaze their guests, and it’s important that healthcare players leverage this knowledge and its successful advances towards strengthening their patient satisfaction levels.”

The Marhaba Service was formally inaugurated by Dr Abdul Ghaffar Alhawi, Head of Department, Centre for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, Gulf Medical University.