Abu Dhabi: Researchers at UAE University (UAEU) have developed a device — Tempo — that can track people’s temperatures at all times, with the device containing an alarm system that will send a signal if the person’s temperature is below or above the safe level.

“Our motivation for this innovation was a combination of serious issues related to sensing the temperature of the human body. There are large numbers of patients, special needs children, adults and elderly people in hospitals and health centres who need to be attended to and taken care of on a regular basis. Some may be unconscious, and others may not be able to talk or communicate the discomfort they may be experiencing,” explained Dr Jaber Abu Qudeiri, associate professor of mechanical engineering.

Dr Qudeiri said the device would help reduce the regular routine temperature check-up carried out by nurses and caretakers at hospitals, as they would be able to continuously monitor the patient’s temperature.

Dr Qudeiri said the device took five months to make with the help of students and that the next stage was to have it patented and used for the public.

“We are also going to develop our design using a sensor, mainly to be used in hospitals.