Abu Dhabi: The National Health Insurance Company (Daman) has announced that companies and individuals must inform Daman about their desire to renew their health insurance policies prior to the policy's expiration date to avoid delays and must renew their health insurance annually.

"In the second full year of the health insurance scheme, we would like to ensure that all our members are aware of the renewal procedures and requirements. We urge all our customers who wish to renew their health insurance plan with Daman to inform the sales representatives ahead of time, in order to speed up the process time and avoid an uncovered period," said Dr Michael Bitzer, CEO of Daman.

Enhanced plans

Feedback from Daman's team shows a growing trend in companies enrolling more staff under the enhanced policies. Dr Bitzer says: "We are witnessing cases where companies are choosing to enroll staff who even though are entitled to basic cover, have bought enhanced policy plans for 2008. We believe this signifies increasing responsibility shown by local companies in caring for their staff."

To speed up the process, Daman has allocated a team to facilitate the renewal process, ensuring applicants a more timely renewal of policies, and reducing their risk of being uncovered.

New suscribers and small companies who are not eligible for the basic plan must undergo the process of underwriting and medical evaluation prior to renewal of their insurance policies in order to calculate the level of premiums.