Dr Imneet Madan
Dr Imneet Madan, Laser Specialist Paediatric Dentist at Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic Dubai Image Credit: Supplied


GN Focus speaks to Dr Imneet Madan, Laser Specialist Paediatric Dentist at Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic Dubai

Tell us how Michael’s Clinic has helped you retain your leading position as a distinguished laser NLP pediatric dentist for over a decade?

My inceptive navigation towards introducing lasers in routine dentistry was to be able to avoid the use of local anaesthetic, leaving children numbed for hours after the procedure. The most common complication was traumatic bite as multiple times children ended up biting their numbed lips or cheeks. The introduction of Erbium and Diode lasers in dentistry for children came as a quantum leap for the No Contact No Pressure working mechanism of lasers, foregoing the need of local anesthetic in routine cavity preparations.

Upon earning a Masters of Science in Lasers Dentistry from the RWTH Aachen university, Germany, I introduced lasers in my practice during the beginning of 2012 and noticed a significant shift in the cooperation of children. Reframing the use of lasers with euphemisms such as Magic Light, Popping Light, Magic Water and Star Wars introduced a new dimension to my craft.

How has laser-assisted dentistry become more popular?

With Erbium lasers, the amount of water and air spray is significantly lesser in comparison to the conventional drills, this reduces the amount of aerosolization which is the biggest concern when it comes to dental treatments. Also, the surface temperature rise during cavity preparations with Erbium lasers is much higher, thereby not allowing the viruses or bacteria around to sustain.

Dr Michael's Dental Clinic
Dr Michael's Dental Clinic Image Credit: Supplied

How has your clinic adapted to Dubai’s Covid-safety measures?

Covid-19 has adduced a directive of even-handedness where safety for one is safety for all. At this time, our world has come in conjunction to stand together against the microbe.

As a team we at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic are taking all measures to help us and each one around us. Staying safe, staying healthy, positive, responsible, united yet distanced, is key to win this battle.

During this Co-Covid era, our practice followed all the guidelines suggested by Dubai Health Authority including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (Gloves, show covers, head covers, eye glasses, mouth masks, Face shields, protective clothing); Deep sterilisation; Extra buffer time and assistance inbetween appointments to have the time to clean and sanitise each and every surface; Keeping social distance in waiting area. This was facilitated by requesting patients to wait in their cars and come in only when the dentist and the room were ready; Thermal guns and Covid forms; Adequate ventilation for the office; Front desk with sanitation, masks, gloves and face shields; Floor cleaning carried out multiple times during the day; In-check sterilisation of instruments and equipment; Contracts with local sanitation companies to deep clean at the end of each day.

In short, we adapt to new norms as “The Norms”. Change is always the biggest constant, let’s embrace it with grace, after all, we have one world, and together we are responsible for its well-being.

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