Abu Dhabi: Residents will be educated about how to handle medical emergencies through a roadshow being organised by Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, the hospital announced in a statement on Wednesday.

Medical staff will teach residents how to perform life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation, while also highlighting the hospital’s advanced emergency department.

The roadshow will be launched at Abu Dhabi Mall on Thursday, and will travel to other venues in future.

Dr Jacques Kobersy, chair of the Emergency Medicine Institute, stressed the importance of the first 10-15 minutes of care in emergency situations.

“Rapid response is important in emergency situations, whether it is a stroke, an accident, or a heart issue. People should take immediate action and seek medical attention as soon as possible. The aim of the roadshow is to educate people and ensure everyone knows that our emergency department is open to anyone who requires our help,” he said.

When patients arrive at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Emergency Department, there is an efficient three-step process that ensures they see a doctor within minutes.

“Patients are brought straight to a treatment room, where they are evaluated by the nurse and emergency medicine physician together. This promotes good communication, and ensures we start helping them from the moment they arrive. Interpreters are also available at all times,” Dr Kobersy explained.

The Emergency Department at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi was set up to address the needs of the rapidly growing city. Designated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health as the official Stroke Centre and Chest Pain Centre for the emirate, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides specialist and timely care to those who need it.