Vaccine Image Credit: Reuters

Abu Dhabi: National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) in the UAE reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated in their latest briefing. On Tuesday, authorities said the vaccine is the only way to control and combat the severity and spread of the diseases, given the new mutations of the virus and expected effects.

NCEMA also said, regarding the elderly demographic in UAE: "Help us protect you, we can visit you at home to assess your medical condition and provide you the vaccine."

New strains of COVID-19 been detected in several countries in the world, Farida Al Hosani, spokesperson for the Health Sector, said during weekly briefing. “The emergence of new strains is expected but more important is to pursue efforts to identify any changes to the virus structure or its properties through monitoring systems and health follow-up,” she said.

She added that the UAE health authorities are continuing to focus on early detection and rapid intervention to reduce the spread of the disease through contact tracing, isolation and quarantine procedures.

“The health sector in UAE has proven its ability to deal with the virus, and the ability to control it by increasing capabilities and the capacity of hospitals, health centers and laboratories, as well as having a proactive approach in establishing screening centers and field hospitals” she further said.

“Let us not forget the great role of the community in supporting and completing these efforts with their commitment and cooperation, they are an integral part of the success story of the UAE,” Dr Farida said, adding that these efforts are paying off today as a result of our leadership’s direction in providing the vaccine to all segments of society, including our elderly, individuals with chronic diseases and vulnerable groups. This proves the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine available in UAE.

She noted that national and local efforts have been combined to provide the vaccine through increasing the number of health centers in the UAE to more than 150 medical centers, spread across the UAE.

“Our message today is to a dear group to our hearts that we prioritize their health and safety, they are the blessing and light in every house, our elders. We have prioritized the availability of vaccine to them as a priority,” Dr Farida added.