Fadwa C. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai:A team of doctors at Prime Healthcare Group recently carried out a rare minimally invasive appendectomy that saved the life of a young woman of Middle Eastern origin, it has been revealed.

Dr Prashant Hombal, general and laparoscopic surgeon from Prime Hospital, told Gulf News: “On October 31,a 29-year-old woman was rushed into the emergency department with acute appendicitis and severe pain with a pain score of six to seven . A CT scan revealed she had a 1cm stone in the appendix measuring 5cm and this had perforated the appendix. Usually stones are formed by hardened mucous secretions. Normally appendectomies are done with a proper abdominal incision. That is the conventional method. But in this case we decided to opt for a laparoscopic surgery which is more complicated, but it allows for a quicker recovery. We had to conduct the surgery the same day as any delay could have led to the bursting of her appendix.”

Acute Appendicitis is the most common acute surgical condition of the abdomen. Perforated appendicitis is associated with higher mortality rate; as high as five per cent.

The emergency laparoscopic appendectomy carried out on October 31, resulted in quick recovery as the surgery was carried out through tiny incisions which healed quickly and the patient was on her feet within a week.

Since the surgery ,the patient, who is an assistant accountant in a Dubai-based firm (name withheld upon request), has bounced back to good health. Recalling her ordeal, she told Gulf News: “On October 31, I rushed to the emergency with this unbearable pain on the right side of my abdomen. I was so scared as I had no idea what was causing such a sharp pain which kept increasing in intensity despite all pain killers. Once diagnosed as appendicitis, I was rushed to surgery the same day as there was fear of the appendix bursting. The surgery went very well, and after a week I was back home. The surgeon was so good in his minor incisions that there was no scar tissue formation and my wounds healed quickly. I took care to rest and have bland food for a month. But now I am back to having spicy food, and have been able to resume a regular gym and swimming routine. In other words, after a month I was able to resume my normal life and the pain completely disappeared.”