Holistic Healing medicine embraces the practice of Western science in diagnostics on energy and homeostasis levels with Eastern wisdom in treatment to restore, care and service health on energy and homeostasis levels, because the body regenerates non-stop and has the capacity and the possibility to heal itself.

Dr Vassiliev is a medical doctor, scientist and visionary, who initiated law and regulation for homeopathy in Ukraine and in the UAE and became the first official licensed medical doctor and homeopath.

She has been recognised many times for her contribution towards developing alternative medicine in the UAE and has been awarded the Sheikh Zayed International Awards for TCAM multiple times.

Dr Vassiliev is the founder of Holistic Healing Medical Center in Dubai and in Ukraine.

She is a pioneering ambassador of holistic healing medicine and strongly believes that the UAE has tremendous potential to support the sick on their journey to health and well-being using holistic healing.

Her extensive experience in holistic healing medicine developed respect and recognition from thousands of patients from all over the world and made the UAE a pioneer in holistic medicine.

Life functions by the law of compatibility, science functions by the law of opposites.

Modern, allopathic medicine existed only between 70 to 80 years ago, when the chemical and pharmaceutical industry started developing rapidly.

The principle of allopathic medicine is opposite to pathology, but pathology itself is a “sign of something that is happening due to something else, the rezone”. That’s why the chemical medicine suppresses the symptoms of pathology, while the reason of pathology is not eliminated. The group of medicines have an allopathic (opposite) approach as antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, etc., or hormone replacing medications.

Modern medicine cares about sickness or preventing sickness. However, whatever you care about keeps growing, that is why there are more sick people. Modern medicine is effective in treating life-threatening conditions such as trauma, heart attacks, stroke and other medical emergencies.

“Our mind creates our thoughts. Our thoughts affect our emotions. Our emotions reflect our energy. Our energy builds up our body,” says Dr Vassiliev.

In the 21st century we need to understand that modern, pharmaceutical medicine can care about sickness and any emergency conditions, but can’t care about health. Holistic medicine can care and service health, but can’t support in life-saving conditions.

Holistic medicine such as ayurveda, acupuncture and herbal medicine existed for more than 5,000 years, and homeopathy for over 250 years and all of them care about life, not just health. They function by the law of compatibility and function on level of energy, as life itself.

Holistic medicine emphasises the importance of life and health, since health is a fundamental requirement for the proper functioning of life. If life does not exist, health cannot exist, but sometimes life still exists when health has deteriorated. This is when it is important to make a choice on how to live life, in health or in sickness.

Energy is there in all aspects of our lives, including our bodies, as we all function by energy. We are constantly reminded of the need to charge our mobile phone, car or any device and even physicist Albert Einstein proposed that any material substance is only concentrated energy.

Life is essentially an energy that exists between the time of birth and time of death, and therefore the focus should be on the energy and the time we have.

“Life is our most precious possession, and it can only thrive within a healthy body. If you care about life, life will care about you. If you focus on preventing sickness, you will give it power to persist. Whatever you care about will continue to grow. The choice is yours, choose consciously,” says Dr Vassiliev.

Holistic medicine, such as homeopathy, acupuncture and ayurveda are the only medicines that care about energy and function on energy levels.

Holistic medicine functions on the principle of energy by law of compatibility, whereas allopathic medicine functions on the principle of material substance by the law of science, and law of opposites. That is why allopathic medicine has difficulty in understanding holistic and homeopathic medicine.

The UAE is pioneering both medicines, it has the perfect combination and people have a chance to choose what they need both in sickness and health. In modern days more and more people care about health by holistic medicine such as homeopathy, ayurveda and acupuncture.

“I studied physics and energy in special schools, that’s why my research on PhD was on the principle of optimum disease; that any disease is not supposed to be suppressed but to be transferred in optimal condition to restore health, because the body on energy and homeostasis levels constantly functions to restore health as the optimal function of life,” says Dr Vassiliev.

Now, all scientists say that 99 per cent of any sickness is a result of lifestyle. The mission of our center is not only to cure any disease by holistic healing but to also implement a holistic lifestyle to restore and service health.

Health is equilibrium, it’s not a status quo, it requires constant care and service.

That’s why people from all over the world visit us to restore and service their health no matter what the condition; Auto-immune disease, allergies, asthma, eczema, fertility or disease among children, migraine, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders or any other forms of illness.”

“As a doctor, I meet new patients every day searching for help with great hope in their eyes and I always say to them: Your health is inside you, covered by toxins, destroyed by disease, suppressed by medications and controlled by doctors. But nature created us with the possibility of regeneration. We constantly regenerate the cells of skin, nails, hair, blood, etc... As long as we have the capacity to regenerate, we have the possibility to heal ourselves.

“With holistic healing we take you on the path of healing to restore health and be happy, ” says Dr Vassiliev.

At Holistic Healing Medical Center, we offer a complete approach not only to wellness but also to health, healing and life. Our holistic approach is designed to not only restore health but also to help you achieve a youthful and vibrant appearance that will leave you feeling confident and energised. With our comprehensive therapies and programmes, you can reverse the signs of aging and live a life full of vitality and joy. Experience the transformation that holistic healing can bring to your life today.

Holistic healing services

- NLS scanning of homeostasis level and energy flow in organs, cells and DNA

- Specialists consultations including GP, Homeopath, Ayurveda and TCM doctors

- Holistic diet and lifestyle

- Holistic therapies: Colon hydrotherapy, liver detox, herbal oil enema, visceral therapy, ayurveda therapies, acupuncture, cupping and physiotherapy

- Aesthetics therapies by aesthetics acupuncture

- Healing programmes for various conditions including infertility, digestive disorders, migraine and more

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