Nadine Salman, Founder and Director of Miss Meow Image Credit: Supplied

Why is grooming considered a vital element for a pet’s overall health?

Grooming promotes blood circulation, helping pets get rid of dead hair. This leads to hair growth, while keeping their fur healthy and shiny. A healthy grooming habit also prevents pets, especially cats who shed a lot, from swallowing their own hair when they self-groom and minimises furballs. Moreover, some pet breeds need specific grooming to look good.

Could you give us some tips on how to keep our dogs and cats clean?

Have your pets groomed from an early stage to make them feel comfortable with the process. This is recommended on a monthly basis in accordance with your pet breed. Each breed has a specific grooming need and style. Products used in the process also differ according to the breed.

Give your pets the vital vitamins such as Omega paste, which is available at most pet stores and veterinary clinics.

How often should we groom our pets?

Long-haired cats need to be brushed daily at home and professionally groomed once a month. They must go for a proper haircut every two months. Short-haired cat breeds — the Arabian Maus, for example — need to go for a bath and brush every two months or even more as they are considered low-maintenance breeds, while British short-hair for example, shed a lot of hair and needs regular grooming with the furminator brush.

What does the grooming of a pet at Miss Meow include?

We are a mobile pet grooming service, so we can come to a client’s place at his/her time and convenience and groom the pets inside our fully equipped vans. These vans are well ventilated, helping pets stay comfortable in the summer heat.

We also provide heated water in cooler months along with a soothing environment highlighted by zen music to keep pets happy and calm while grooming.

We cater to all grooming needs, offering everything from the basic packages such as bath and brush and haircuts to full grooming packages, which include bath, brush and haircut, nail clipping and ear cleaning. We also cater to more individual grooming requirements.

We also do haircuts for your dogs and cats such as a teddy bear haircut for Pomeranian dogs and crocodile or lion haircut for cats. We can also groom show pets.