Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on Tuesday announced that seven new hospitals are in the pipeline, which will add to the emirate’s “robust health sector”.

Another four are under review, while three existing hospitals will undergo expansion.

Currently, Dubai has 26 hospitals, which are among the 2,833 health facilities in the emirate. Of these, 22 are internationally accredited and four are in the process of getting accredited.

The health facilities include outpatient clinics, diagnostic clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and allied health facilities.

Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, director of health regulation at DHA, said: “ In order to ensure that the hospitals and health-care facilities are adding to the health services of Dubai, to prevent underutilisation or overutilisation of health facilities and to ensure newer facilities are built in geographical areas of need to improve access, the DHA’s Health Regulation Department works closely with investors to understand their needs, to explain the health-care needs of the emirate and to assist them with processes. Investors can be assured of best return on investment and this also ensures people have access to a variety of health services.”