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Family shops for their chidlren at Lulu Hypermarket in Al Qusais, Dubai, Photo: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Dubai: Even as cases of COVID 19 have been steadily falling and rate of recoveries have gone up, the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) public health department has issued an advisory to residents to continue to follow rules of social distancing, hand washing and wearing of masks to ensure a healthy and happy Eid Al Adha.

Dr Badreya Al Harmi, Director of Public Health Protection Department at the DHA said people must exercise extreme precaution while going to beauty salons during Eid. All COVID 19 sanitation steps have to be followed while going to malls and restaurants with family members.

"There is no relaxation in rules of wearing face masks or keeping distance and sanitising hands while in a public place just because of the festival. People must be on the alert and not relax any of the rules during the Eid holidays," she added.

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Reiterating the government directive, Dr Harmi said: “Eid prayers must be performed at home. Family members should avoid giving gifts and money to children as eidiyahs and use electronic alternatives instead.”

She added that should big social gatherings must be avoided. “Especially avoid visiting pregnant women, elders, people with chronic disease and children. This group should also avoid going out to public places. House workers should avoid interacting with outsiders, if they must, then they should wear face masks and gloves.”

Dr Al Harmi stressed that the public must continue following general precautionary measures that include: staying home if they have a fever or any respiratory symptom, maintaining physical distancing, wearing the face mask properly and sanitising or washing their hands regularly.

Specific guidelines issued by public health department

Going to beauty centres and salons in Eid

• Stay home if you have a fever or any respiratory symptom

• Maintain physical distancing

• Wear the face mask properly

• Avoid touching others and shaking hands

• Refuse the service if you notice that the staff has any symptoms and inform the manager

• Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes and keep your hands clean

• It is best to use your own grooming tools for shaving, haircutting and manicures, if not available, then make sure the tools used are sterilised

• Pay by card or smart pay

Visiting restaurants and cafés during Eid

• Stay home if you have a fever or any respiratory symptom

• Eating with a face mask on is difficult so make sure you maintain physical distancing

• Sanitise or wash your hands before and after eating

• Avoid raw foods

• Don’t share food or drinks with others on the table

• Avoid eating with your hands and use single-use cutlery

• Pay by card or smart pay

Visiting malls during Eid

• Stay home if you have a fever or any respiratory symptom

• Maintain physical distancing

• Wear the face mask properly

• Sanitise your hands after touching surfaces

• Wash your hands regularly

• Pay by card or smart pay

Eating healthy during Eid

• Don’t overindulge in sweets and heavy meat dishes

• Chew the food slowly to ensure good digestion

• Avoid overeating and abstain from fatty food and fizzy drinks

• Stick to healthy homemade food

• Beef and lamb meat take long to digest. If you must have them, then eat them in moderation.

• Avoid fried food or meals that are high in fat and sugar

• Have fresh fruits, veggies and whole grain crackers instead.

• Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily

• Exercise or go for a walk to help aid digestion