Six-year-old boy Mohammad Samar, before (left) and after the full treatment procedure. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Parents of a six-year-old boy, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in Dubai, recalled the difficult moments when they needed money as their medical insurance was insufficient to cover the cost of treatment.

Hassan Sameer, father of Mohammad, said that his son was diagnosed with acute blood cancer (leukaemia) and their medical insurance couldn’t cover the cost of treatment. But thanks to Al Jalila Foundation in Dubai, his son survived.

Mohammad’s parents were devastated when they first heard the news in 2018. Although there was hope that the disease was treatable and many people had survived the dreaded condition with proper and timely treatment, the parents needed sufficient funds to let Mohammad undergo the full treatment procedure.

Mohammad’s story reached Al Jalila Foundation, which decided to help the family.

The foundation contacted the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), which led a company-wide fundraising campaign to raise financial resources to facilitate Mohammad’s life-saving treatment.

‘We are forever grateful’

“At one point of time we were losing hope. We needed help. It was then that our community lifted us and united us with our son. We cannot express our gratitude and respect towards the UAE community,” said Sameer. “We are forever grateful.”

With the generosity and support of donors and the medical team, Mohammad is now in the remission stage.

“Mohammad has had a second chance in life. He is a happy, energetic young boy like any other child in this world,” the father said.

Dr Abdukareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, said the foundation believes that health is a cornerstone to happiness and that every child deserves an opportunity to grow up healthy to achieve his or her dreams.

‘Focus on the treatment plan and recovery’

“With the support of our partners and donors, we were able to give hope to young patients like Mohammad. We are happy to ease the financial burden on Mohammad’s family so that they can focus on the treatment plan and recovery,” Al Olama said.

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“Nothing makes us happier than to experience the overwhelming joy from parents whose children’s lives have been transformed after successful treatment. These are the precious moments that make our job at Al Jalila Foundation so rewarding,” he concluded.