Al Nasr Club Covid tests
Drive-through testing centre in Al Nasr Club Image Credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai: Despite 85 per cent of COVID-19 cases in Dubai being mild, the city is set to increase the hospital capacity with a plan to establish a field hospital able to house 4,000 to 5,000 beds as a precautionary measure, a senior health official said on Thursday.

Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), said that about 85 per cent of COVID-19 cases in Dubai are mild to moderate, and they don’t need to go in to intensive care units.

However, he said that Dubai has plans to increase the number of beds in hospitals, if the number of cases rises.

“We plan to have field hospitals with thousands of beds as a precautionary measure. Dubai will establish a field hospital with [a] capacity of 4,000 to 5,000 beds,” Al Qutami said in a live press briefing on Dubai TV.

He said that Dubai conducted more than 250,000 tests of COVID-19 in a short period of time as tests are easily available at hospitals, medical centers and drive-through testing centres.

“We provided medical tests around the clock for Emiratis and residents in the country. We have drive-through test centers at Rashid Port, Al Khuwanij area and Al Nasr club as well as mobile test centers in areas with high population,” Al Qutami added.

He urged people who have COVID-19 symptoms to contact the hotline 800342 to get the necessary support for them and people who were in direct contact.

“Any person who has the symptoms should contact the authority. We send our teams to the person and isolate him and sterilise his place before conducting a search of the people with direct contact to take necessary action to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Al Qutami pointed out that time of recovery depends on the health condition of the patient.

“The recovery time depend on the level of immunity and the patient’s health condition. I believe the time is between seven to 30 days,” Al Qutami said.

Moreover, Al Qutami said that Dubai’s Blood Donation Center has a list of 63,000 donators from different nationalities.

“The center has a high-standard procedure in accepting blood donation. During February and March this year, the center welcomed 8,300 donators,” he added.