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Sharjah police arrested woman targeted women's handbags Image Credit:

Sharjah: A woman was arrested on Monday for stealing a handbag with valuables worth Dh30,000 from another woman while she was in a shopping mall in Sharjah, Sharjah Police said.

The shopper reportedly left her bag in a baby stroller and was busy playing with her children in the play area when the bag went missing. Details provided by her to the police helped them identify the suspect.

The Criminal Investigation Department, which formed a security team after receiving a complaint from the victim, set up a trap to arrest the suspect.

After zeroing in on the woman, who is of Asian nationality, the police searched her home and found the handbag with all its contents.

The suspect was referred to the public prosecution for further action.

Colonel Yousuf Bin Harmoul, Deputy Director of Comprehensive Police Stations and Head of Crime Method Analysis Team, urged shoppers not to leave their belongings unattended.

He also called on retailers to employ skilled security guards and install surveillance cameras in all areas to secure public and private property.

Members of the public can report crimes to the Sharjah Police by calling 999 or the toll free number Najeed 800151, 065632222, text 7999 or go to