Dubai: More than half of sport-related injuries can be prevented with a little forethought, said a Dubai-based doctor on Thursday.

Avoiding personal injury ahead of time is a lot easier than fixing broken bones, sprains and pulled muscles after the damage is done.

“Sport-related injuries are common during the summer, and while most injuries are acute, 50 per cent of them can be prevented,” said Dr Hussam Antwan Touma, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and medical director of Rehabilitation Services at Emirates Rehabilitation and Homecare (ERHC).

An acute injury can happen suddenly, he said, and is usually associated with trauma such as cracking a bone, spraining a ligament, tearing a muscle or bruising.

It could also be a result of falling or crashing into another player during a sports competition, said Dr Touma.

While it is good to commit to an exercise programme, it is important to know your physical limits, too. Doctors suggest incorporating warm-up exercises and learning the fundamentals from a pro to maximise performance with the least risk of injury.

“It’s always good practice to incorporate a set routine for your exercise regimen but if you believe you have an existing injury, it is best to consult a doctor before continuing with your exercise programme. When it comes to your health and well-being, it is important to be sure you receive the most accurate information about the best treatment available,” Dr Touma said.

The medical community in the UAE is working towards more preventive medicines as called for in the National Agenda of UAE’s Vision 2021 to focus on preventive medicine to ensure longer and healthier lives for citizens.