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Dubai: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, tweeted on Wednesday looking for a teacher from a video that he received.

The video, it seems, shows a teacher at an elemantry school in the UAE greeting her students at the door of the school as they come in for the day.

"A Happy Morning"..."A morning full of smiles" the teacher is heard in the video telling the children.

The teacher is also heard calling her students with sweet names and saying positive words encourging them in the cold morning to be happy. The video shows it's 13 °C. "Smiles, I want to see smiles," she says.

Also, the teacher is heard in the video calling each one of her students by name, showering them with hugs and asking each one about him or her.

Sheikh Mohammed, in his tweet, said: "The beginning of a school day in the Emirates ... The beginning is different when you are with a teacher who carries a beautiful spirit."

He added: "A kind word ... A sincere smile ...  and real positive energy that she transmits to her students and her loved ones. We are looking for her, for who ever knows her."

Teacher Identified

People started reacting to Sheikh Mohammed's tweet, replying with stories what they remember of their great teacher, who they called "Mama Sheikha" (mother Sheikha).

The lady was identified as Sheikha Al Nuaimi, who works in Al Alia school in Al Ain as a social worker.

One of her students commented on Sheikh Mohammed's tweet saying: "This is Mama Sheikha. I rememeber once I came to school and we had a trip to Al Hilli Park and I didnt get the money for the trip. I was about to go back home when she saw me and she took me by the hand paid for the fees and bought me snacks like all the other students. It happened 7 years ago and I still till remember it today."

Another one tweeted: "This is Mama Sheikha. She is my eyes, I still remember how every day she goes to the school clininc, check on the sick students, and stays with them all day till the parents come to pick them up. Also, she used to drop students off to their homes when their parents are late or when they miss the bus."

Adding "the kindest heart."

Sheikha Al Nuaimi was also tagged so Sheikh Mohammed could see her account on twitter where she have posted a thank you note to all who have acknowledged her: "From my heart, thank you for everyone who praised the video and on all your comments. You made me so happy, am proud of my job as it serves a generation after generation. God willing they will be as asset to their parents and their country."