1 Corporate social responsibility

Minister in charge: Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy

Smart Platform for Social Responsibility: An app will be launched to co-ordinate between companies and government agencies.

National Indicator for Social Responsibility: An index will classify companies according to their social responsibility programmes and initiatives.

Social Responsibility Compulsory Disclosure: Making it obligatory for companies to provide information about their social contributions.

Responsible Purchasing: Initiative to allocate a percentage of public contracts for outstanding private companies in social responsibility.

Social Responsibility Passport: A passport for distinguished companies involved in CSR activities.

2 Voluntary work

Minister in charge: Najla Mohammad Al Awar, Minister of Community Development

National Centre for Volunteering: A federal public entity will be set up to regulate and oversee voluntary work across the county.

Special Voluntary Work Programme: A first-of-its-kind programme to motivate professionals and specialists to ‘donate’ their time and expertise.

Voluntary Work Curriculum: Strategic initiative to teach volunteerism in schools.

National Strategy for Voluntary Work 2021: The strategy aims to improve and consolidate voluntary work and make the UAE a regional and global leading country in voluntary work.

Volunteers’ Giving Points: An incentive programme under which points earned by volunteers can be exchanged with material and moral awards.

3 Role of humanitarian institutions

Minister in charge: Reem Ebrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation

Co-ordination Council for Humanitarian and Charitable Institutions: The council will co-ordinate between humanitarian and charitable institutions, unify their efforts and exchange expertise

Professional Diploma in Humanitarian Work: The diploma aims to develop national cadres specialised in humanitarian work and equipped with necessary skills and expertise.

The UAE’s Development Plan for Humanitarian and Charitable Institutions: The plan aims to strengthen the role of humanitarian and charitable institutions.

Charitable Contribution Deductions and Charity Credit Cards: Two initiatives will be launched with the banking sector to support humanitarian and charitable institutions.

Twinning Project Between International and Local Development Institutions: The project aims to improve co-ordination between local and international humanitarian institutions to exchange expertise and knowledge.

4 Role of media

Minister in charge: Sultan Ahmad Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the National Media Council

The Billion of Giving: Allocating Dh1 billion to support the Year of Giving’s projects and initiatives.

The Knights of Charity: An initiative that focuses on efforts made by community members in the field of charity and highlights their success stories to weave the culture of giving and voluntary work into the fabric of the society.

Giving App: A smart app that aims to compile all activities and institutions’ participation made during Year of Giving.

Media Figures for Giving: Get media figures to donate their time, efforts and potential in various volunteering schemes.

Giving Influencers: Bring social media influencers, media figures, intellectuals, writers and artists together.

5 Legislative framework

Minister in charge: Ohoud Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness

Federal law for Voluntary Work: Legislative framework aims to entrench, enhance and develop voluntary work.

Federal Law for Social Responsibility: It aims to regulate and define the scope of social responsibility in the UAE and define its incentive systems and privileges.

Federal Law for Endowment: Define endowment activities, terms, provisions, period and types.

Community Service Measures: Measures to be taken for those who commit misdemeanour crimes which attract jail term of less than six months.

Giving is Happiness: An initiative to focus on highlighting values of giving in the community.

6 Serving the nation

Minister in charge: Shamma Suhail Faris Al Mazroui, Minister of State for Youth

100 Fields for Serving The Nation: An initiative to identify 100 fields and methods of serving the nation.

Serving The Nation Through Literary and Art Awards: Creating awards to deliver a message for younger generations about serving the nation.

Youth National Visits: Organise visits to Emirati landmarks that symbolise serving the nation by Youth Councils.

Pioneers of Giving: Develop an Emirati young man or woman to be a leading figure for social communication to promote charity and philanthropy.

National Role Model: Highlight distinguished examples of serving the nation.

—Staff Report