Sila: A centre has opened in Sila, 370 kilometres from Abu Dhabi city, to provide government services to residents of the area.

The Third Centre for Integrated Government Services 'TAMM' will cater to over 10,000 people in Sila and the surrounding areas. 'TAMM' means 'done' in Arabic. Efficient local services with existing branches in Madinat Zayed and Delma Island can now be offered.

Offices of the Western Region Municipality; Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority; Department of Planning and Economy; Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Naturalisation and Residency Administration; Ministry of Labour; Emirates Identity Authority; Abu Dhabi Police; Emirates Post; Health Insurance Services - Dhaman Co are located at the TAMM Sila site.

Khalifa Al Mansouri, Regional Manager, Centre for Integrated Government Services, said: "We are tremendously pleased to launch the centre in Sila with a complete range of services from 10 government offices. Even more services, such as a public notary and banking services, will be made available in the near future."

The Municipal Council, in an effort to extend services to people throughout the Western region introduced a temporary but fully fledged operational location centre in Sila until purpose-built premises are completed by 2008.

The centre will provide more than fifty employment opportunities for citizens.

Simple concept

"This concept is simple: it's about easy access to services under one roof. Each centre for Integrated Government Services (TAMM) offers a unique set of services specifically designed to meet the needs of their customers," said Dr Al Taher Mosabah Al Kindi, Chairman of the Western Region Municipal Council.

Hamoud Humaid Al Mansouri, General Manager of the Western Region Municipality added: "The opening of the new centre means a better quality of life for people who live here. Simple transactions which previously took days to complete can now be processed in a matter of hours.

"The centres for Integrated Government Services (TAMM) are an important part of a larger effort to provide better services to people and businesses throughout the western region."

TAMM has changed the way government services are provided in the western region, one location at a time; and plans to open a centre in Ghayathi by the end of the year are under development.