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A Dubai Police patrol. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Police came to the rescue of a tourist with speech and hearing impairment, who was badly shaken after he was abandoned by his friends at a shopping centre here.

According to Dubai Police, the tourist was having suicidal thoughts and was spotted in an anxious state at a shopping mall.

He was provided with shelter, a free PCR test and a ticket to return to his country after being accorded with proper medical treatment.

Captain Abdullah Al Sheikh, director of the Victim Support Section at the Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai Police, said the tourist was in a poor mental state and was contemplating suicide when officers arrived at the shopping centre.

“He was very stressed and officers failed to communicate with him. He was deaf and mute,” said Capt Al Sheikh.

Help from sign-language expert

The force sought help from the Community Development Authority, which provides a sign-language interpreter.

“We were able to calm him down and make him feel safe. He had come to the country with a group of friends on vacation but following a dispute, his friends abandoned him at the mall,” added Al Sheikh.

The man - whose age and nationality have not been disclosed – was afraid and didn’t know whom to contact.

“He didn’t have enough money to cover his accommodation and return flight ticket. We told him that we will provide him help for a safe return trip.”

Al Sheikh said that COVID-19 precautionary measures at his country mandated a 15-day quarantine outside.

The man underwent a medical check-up and was provided with shelter for two weeks, during which time officers from Dubai Police kept in touch with him.

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“When the 15-day period was over, we provided him a PCR test at his accommodation and a return flight ticket.”

The man thanked Dubai Police for their help and told the officers that he never expected he would get such assistance.