masks police abu dhabi
Abu Dhabi Police personnel were involved in the campaign to educate workers on the necessity of wearing masks, gloves to protect them from infection due to person-to-person transmission and taking the necessary precautions and staying in their respective accommodation. Image Credit: Screengrab / WAM

Abu Dhabi: Phase 7 of the sanitisation programme and Covid-19 testing in the Musaffah area of Abu Dhabi will begin on Tuesday, with Blocks 42 and 43. The programme is being implemented by the Department of Health , in partnership with relevant entities, it was announced via Twitter.

Abu Dhabi Media Office made the announcement, requesting people to comply. "Those living in Blocks 42 and 43 are requested to cooperate and follow instructions in order for the sanitisation and testing programme to achieve its objectives," it announced.

It added: "No legal action will be taken against those violating visa regulations."

The campaign follows Abu Dhabi government’s decision to restrict movement in and out of the emirate as of Tuesday, June 2. The one -week programme has since been extended for another 7 days.