Abu Dhabi Police’s new emblem being launched at the Armed Forces Officers Club on Sunday. It includes pictures of a palm tree, a falcon, a dagger with red and white colours. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Police on Monday unveiled the force’s new tamper-proof badge with a new emblem.

Now, police officers have to carry it with them all the time, and have to produce it if a community member asks for it during investigation.

Abu Dhabi Police have also replaced the old emblem with a new one. The new badge — similar to the FBI’s folded ID card — contains more security features which is foolproof and cannot be duplicated.

The new police emblem includes the pictures of a palm tree, a falcon, a dagger with red and white colours, while the existing one has eight stars in the middle, a falcon and white, green and golden colours.

Major-General Mohammad Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, said, “The new police badge can’t be duplicated and it’s foolproof. From now on, each police personnel [including non-officers] has to show his official badge with his police ID card so that everybody would know that he represents the Abu Dhabi Police.”

All police badges, uniforms and vehicles will have the new police emblem in the coming months.

“This is the first step in changing the identity of Abu Dhabi Police and we have started it with the emblem. Today, we have distributed the new badges of Abu Dhabi Police.

“In fact, we wanted to further localise the identity of Abu Dhabi Police giving more features that showcase the culture and tradition of the emirate,” he said.

In September, police will launch traffic patrol cars with the new logo. In November, the entire identity of Abu Dhabi Police would have changed with the replacement of the current uniform with a new one, Maj-Gen Al Rumaithi said.

“We have started transforming the Abu Dhabi Police’s identity — starting with a new emblem, then a new uniform and a new vehicle colour — that represents the local police agency.”

Police teams had been engaged in designing the new police logo for the last four months. 
At community’s service

About the issue of the community’s security, he said the main job of the police is to serve the community and act friendly with them and engage them. “The police respond to all community members equally — be they expatriates or locals. We need to engage them all.”

Maj-Gen Al Rumaithi also appreciated the role of media in spreading awareness about the police and security among the society.

“Our mandate is to secure Abu Dhabi, save lives and make visitors, expatriates and citizens safe, and ensure that they live a happy life. This is our job and core business and we continue doing it,” Maj-Gen Al Rumaithi said.

Traffic rules

Abu Dhabi Police are also planning to enforce traffic rules more strictly in the near future as many motorists still fail to abide by these rules.

“We have come to the conclusion that the traffic rules have to enforced more strictly so that the number of accidents and fatalities could be brought down.

“Traffic safety is the main issue and we continue to conduct awareness sessions but still we feel that motorists don’t abide by the rules,” he said.