Car registration
Dedicated check points for examining cars in Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department and the Traffic and Patrols Department of Sharjah Police have launched a one-month campaign called “Renew your Vehicle” under which drivers whose vehicle registeration has expired have been urged to renew them to stay safe and avoid legal implications.

Lt. Col. Abdul Rahman Khater, head of the Vehicles Licensing Department at Sharjah Police, urged drivers to visit the technical inspection and customer service centres to ensure their vehicles are safe to drive and renew their vehicles’ registration.

The campaign is in line with the goal of the Ministry of Interior to make roads safer, Lt. Col. Khater said.

The official said the launch of the drive stems from concern for the safety of drivers and road users from exposure to traffic accidents that could occur as a result of mafunctioning expired vehicles. Often, these faults are hidden and may not be apparent to the driver, so a comprehensive periodic inspection is a must to keep the vehicles in good condition, the official said.

Lt. Col. Khater indicated that the campaign allows owners of vehicles with expired registration to check them for free at dedicated check points, before the final renewal check. He urged motorists to ensure the condition of lights, windshield wipers, seat belts, especially for the front seats, validity of tyres, no oil leakage as well as the availability of spare tyre, fire extinguisher etc.

He noted that the renewal of the vehicle guarantees that it safe to drive and added that 60 per cent of accidents are due to the use of expired tyres.

What the law says

Article 25 of the Traffic Law stipulates that those driving an expired vehicle are liable for a fine of Dh500 , four traffic points and a vehicle impoundment for seven days.