The clinic is characterised by a spacious hall to allow easy access and smooth steering of wheelchairs Image Credit: Supplied

Ras Al Khaimah: Emirates Health Services (EHS) has launched free dental services through primary health centres for Emiratis and GCC citizens with valid documents.

EHS has also announced the opening of a dental clinic in Ras Al Khaimah dedicated to people of determination and elderly citizens which will also offer free services to Emiratis and GCC citizens.

The new clinic for people of determination and senior citizens is equipped with the modern equipment and devices that meet internationally approved specifications and standards, EHS said on Monday.

“This comes in line with EHS’ strategy to provide the highest standards of service and commitment to best practices for people of determination and senior citizens.”

The clinic provides a friendly and safe environment for people of determination and the elderly to enhance their oral and dental health ultimately reducing complications and repercussions on their general health and quality of life. Furthermore, EHS pointed out that the lack of an appropriate environment leads to delayed diagnosis of oral diseases and deprives them from access to simple and preventive treatments.

Special design, experienced staff

Dr Noura Al Balushi, oral health, and dentistry specialist for people of determination and senior citizens at Saqr Hospital, part of EHS, said that the clinic, in addition to modern medical equipment and devices, is characterised by its special design, featuring a spacious hall, to allow easy access and smooth steering of wheelchairs. It also has medical and nursing staff who are well experienced in the treatment of oral and dental diseases.

Dr Al Balushi added that the new clinic comes under the framework of developments in the digital health care sector within the dentistry services at EHS. She said that the services are set to ensure inclusion for all members of society through digital medical services at EHS.

Smart digital dental services

The digital dental services provided at EHS primary health care centres (PHCs) are available after registering through the website, allowing access to diagnostic services, treatment, the necessary dental surgery and oral treatment, while maintaining the health and safety of the oral tissues.

Patients are required to register online by creating a username and password to log in and set an appointment to visit the centre for the registration of their personal information and conduct the necessary examinations and obtain treatment with a doctor follow-up and receive prescribed medicines.

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Documents must

To obtain the service, the availability of a valid health card, a valid Emirates ID, and valid insurance for insured patients is required. Those wishing to obtain the service can visit the specialised dental centres and primary health care centres, which are available on the EHA web page for healthcare facilities.

“The service is provided free of charge to UAE citizens and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries who have a valid health card,” EHS stated.

“In the absence or expiration of the health card, fees are applied according to the approved regulations, and the case diagnosed, in addition to fees determined by the case diagnosis for residents,” it added.