Abu Dhabi: The National Election Committee (NEC) organised a lecture titled Enhancing Political Participation and Empowerment of Women through the Federal National Council Elections at the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Abu Dhabi.

The lecture aimed to promote the active participation of all eligible residents in the upcoming FNC Elections 2019 and raise political awareness of parliamentary life in the UAE.

Dr Saeed Al Gafli, assistant undersecretary for FNC Affairs at the Ministry for FNC Affairs, said Elections 2019 mark a new stage in the UAE’s political development through empowering the nation’s citizens to elect who will represent them in the FNC and work to discuss their issues and find the right solutions.

He added that the electoral process emphasises the UAE’s progress and achievements in all fields, and through proactively participating in each step of the voting process, effectively contribute to building the country’s bright future.

Dr Al Gafli also underlined the important role the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is playing in facilitating voting outside the country for overseas Emiratis on September 22 and 23, via the UAE’s embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions. Dr Al Gafli applauded the ministry’s efforts in raising awareness of the UAE’s parliamentary elections worldwide.

Furthermore, he commended the President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for issuing the Presidential Resolution No (1) of 2019 regarding raising women’s representation in FNC to 50 per cent with effect from the upcoming legislative cycle.

Dr Al Gafli added the historic decision to raise the representation of Emirati women in the FNC to 50 per cent will contribute effectively to the political development of the UAE since the founding of the Union. “Reinforcing the political empowerment programme launched by the UAE President in 2005, it enhances women’s political empowerment and spotlights the UAE’s parliamentary experience as a global model.”