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Dubai: Firefighters saved the life of a trucker involved in a serious traffic accident on Ajman’s busiest highway. 

The accident happened at dawn on Monday when two trucks collided in Al Amra district along Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. 


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Lieutenant Colonel Ra'ed Obeid Al Zaabi, deputy director of Ajman Civil Defence, said that a team of firemen from Al Jarf station were immediately dispatched to the scene, accompanied with police patrols and an ambulance.

Lt Col Al Zaabi explained that with the cooperation of Ajman Police, the Asian truck driver was successfully pulled out from the vehicle without any further complications.

“The force of the collision left the driver trapped inside the vehicle. With the use of hydraulic equipment, the firemen were able to cut the truck open and remove the driver,” he said.

The trucker sustained serious injuries and was transferred to hospital for treatment. 

Lt Col Al Zaabi appealed to all drivers to pay attention to the road at all times, and stressed that fatigued motorists should stop driving immediately, take some rest and not endanger their lives or the lives of others. 

How to do drive safe

1. If you feel tired, pull over and have a power-nap, otherwise you may experience micro-sleeps that are dangerous while driving.

2. Get enough quality sleep before you begin driving. Be sure to have seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep before your trip.

3. Drinking caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, could be a useful strategy in staying alert when driving.

4. Aim not to drive more than eight to 10 hours each day.

5. On long trips, take regular 15-minute breaks at least every two hours. Get out of the car, get some fresh air and some exercise.

6. If possible, car pool and switch places with other passengers if you start to feel tired.

7. Avoid driving at night. The chances of crashing are much higher late at night and early morning.

8. Playing music or opening the window for fresh air will only have a short-term benefit in keeping you alert.

9. The only cure for fatigue is sleep.

Source: Road Safety UAE