Fujairah restaurant fire
A restaurant caught fire in Fujairah on Tuesday morning. Image Credit: Supplied

Fujairah: 100 people were evacuated from a hypermarket on Tuesday morning after a fire broke out on the first floor.

In a statement, Fujairah Civil Defence said the fire happened at around 10.13 am in Sajidha Hypermarket, a popular destination in Mudhab Area of Fujairah City.

Fujairah fire fighters
Fujairah fire fighters at Sajidha Hypermarket. Image Credit: Supplied

Fire fighters discovered that the fire had started at Thattukada Indian restaurant

No injuries were reported.

Col. Khaled Rabie Al Hamoudi, Deputy Director of Fujairah Civil Defense, said: “Teams from Civil Defence rushed to the site of the accident, in order to control the fire and extinguish it, which was achieved in record time.”

Fujairah firemen on duty
A fire started at an Indian restaurant on the first floor of Sajidha Hypermarket on Tuesday. Image Credit: Supplied

He explained that the cooling operation was immediately carried out to prevent the fire from re-igniting and spreading to nearby shops.

“Smoke detectors are of great importance and play a vital role in warning individuals about fires. All commercial outlets should have smoke detectors in their premises to ensure lives and protect their property,” added Col. Al Hamoudi.