REKHA THOMAS, Indian, marriage counsellor

Dubai: After going through some ups and downs in her own marriage, Rekha launched a counselling service through her local church to help other men and women in their relationships. Described as a ‘phenomenal woman' by some of the people who know her, Rekha is much loved because she practises what she preaches.

"My husband and I conduct seminars and help couples recommit themselves to each other. It's our passion because our marriage has been restored and it is possible," she said.
"We've been married for 14 years, we're a young couple and I think that's why people like getting advice from us — a couple who's been through it rather than from parents or people from a previous generation," said Rekha, a mother of three little girls.

She has been involved in solving marital problems for about 10 years but really got active, along with her husband, about 7 years ago.

Rekha holds group, women only or couple seminars a few times a week at the Trinity Compound in Dubai. "We want to help out marriages and help couples sort things out. We talk about the origin of marriage and the intention of getting married which goes back a long way. We've seen people divorce and come back together.

"People come to the Gulf and get involved in the pressure of life and work, you get self-centred and forget the beginning of love. It's important for couples to spend time together, you need to be alone with your spouse!" she said.

Nominated by : Belinda Soares met Rekha when she herself needed counselling on her marriage. Since then the two have become good friends. "She is beyond all that it takes to be a hero. It was not just my marriage that she helped save with her timely advice, even women overseas seek her out!" said Belinda. Rekha is a woman many others turn to for help because she always delivers.

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