Rain overnight flooded parts of Sharjah, making it difficult for motorists and pedestrians to travel. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Al Ain: Weather will continue to be unsettled across the country, with more heavy rain and gusty winds expected to hit different areas on Monday and Tuesday, according to the national weather bureau on Sunday.

Rain overnight flooded parts of Dubai and Sharjah roads on Sunday, slowing down traffic on many roads, including Al Aweer Road in Dubai.

Heavy rains accompanied by hailstones and strong winds lashed several parts of the UAE, throwing normal life out of gear on Saturday night.

Parts of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi city bore the brunt of the sudden downpour, flooding streets and slowing traffic on many key roads.

In Sharjah, many roads were under a feet of water, almost bringing traffic to a crawl. The strong winds felled several trees and blew away dish antennas from the top of buildings.

Residents said the rain accompanied by gusts dumped a carpet of hailstones in several areas. Children were seen out in force playing with hailstones.

Police had earlier urged motorists to exercise caution because of the unsettled weather.

Unsettled weather to continue

According to a duty forecaster at the Dubai Meteorological Office, the recent spell of unsettled weather across the UAE is expected to continue this week.

The forecaster had said that unsettled weather was coming from Ras Al Khaimah and the Northern Emirates, from the north to southwest of the UAE.

In pictures: Heavy rains lash the UAE

The weather system has been bringing in moisture-laden clouds from over Ethiopia and the Red Sea via Yemen and Saudi Arabia to the UAE.

The system has already given heavy rain, thunder and hailstorm in different cities on Saturday evening.

"This kind of weather is not unusual in this month," said a weatherman, noting that rain is a little late. February is normally the year's wettest month with thunderstorms, rain, and gusty winds all over the country.

The system has been moving in the north direction, pushing the clouds to Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Heavy rain and snow fall is being reported from Afghanistan and Pakistan's northern areas.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the weather will continue to be unsettled on Monday all over the country.

"Clouds will increase gradually…with heavy rain over scattered areas across the country at times during evening and night," said the centre's forecast report.

The NCMS also forecast a slight fall in temperature and warned that winds might also blow dust and sand that could reduce horizontal visibility in the open areas. "The sea will also remain rough," said the report.

On Tuesday, the conditions are expected to remain same and heavy rain is also expected across the country with another fall in the temperatures, said the weatherman.

The highest amount of rainfall on Saturday night was 36.2mm that was recorded at Sharjah Airport, followed by 35.6 in Al Heben, and 30.8mm in Dhudna areas.

It was 32mm at Ras Al Khaima Airport, 16.7mm at Dubai International Airport, 18.6mm at Abu Dhabi International Airport, and 2.6mm at Fujairah Airport.

It was minimal rain in Al Ain measuring just 1mm, but its surrounding areas such as Al Faqa and Sweihan received 23.4mm and 26.4mm rain.

In other areas Umm Al Quwain received 18mm, Falaj Al Muallah 17mm, Hamim 20mm, Masafi 27.6mm, Al Heben 35.6mm, Ghantuat 10.6mm and Sham 24.8mm.

According to the NCMS forecast: minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to remain between 11 to 33 degree Celsius in the coastal cities, 14 to36 in the interior areas, and 10 to 29c in the mountainous areas.

There is a strong chance of isolated thunderstorms on Sunday evening and it will remain windy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the forecaster.

The maximum temperature in Dubai on Saturday was 33 degrees Celsius.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said there was a chance of rain over northern areas of the UAE on Sunday. People planning outdoor parties, desert excursion trips, and journeys at sea have been urged to be cautious.

The centre warned people from venturing out to sea until Thursday.

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