The one-page guide features recommendations for customers to be aware of. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Post has issued tips to customers to manage its P.O. Box subscriptions. It is also encouraging customers to renew their P.O. Box before February 28.

The one-page guide features recommendations for customers, whether individual or corporate, to be aware of. It covers tips on applying for, renewing, or cancelling a PO Box subscription including directives on usage.

In the guide, Emirates Post has discouraged individuals from using their employer’s corporate PO Box as their personal mailing address, and corporates from using their personal PO Box for business purposes. This recommendation is to limit liability and ensure privacy and security.


Emirates Post has also simplified and improved its service, offering two options for individual use - My Box or My Home and three options for corporates - Corporate Box, Ezimail Bronze and Ezimail Gold. Customers can digitally customise their mail receipt preferences, and based on the subscription bundle, will receive a number of complimentary on-demand delivery services, domestic express services, and registered digital communications services, in addition to authorising an agent at no extra cost for the first year, to pick up mail items from the PO Box.

In tandem, Emirates Post would like to advise customers looking to cancel their PO Box subscription to inform institutions that they receive regular mail from (like banks) about the cancellation and to visit an Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centre to cancel the subscription, return the keys, and pick up any existing mail items. The PO Box subscription will be automatically cancelled if not renewed by the end of the renewal period and any items sent to the PO Box number will be returned to sender.