The Emirates Equity Fund managed by Emirates Financial Services has been listed on the Dubai Financial Market this week, Essa Kazim, director general of the floor, stated yesterday.

The EEF is the second fund to be listed here, with the NBAD UAE Growth Fund having been listed this August, he explained in an official release.

He pointed out that the provision of alternative investment options is considered one of the primary objectives of the market.

The fund is open-ended and allows non-UAE investors to participate indirectly in the UAE equity markets, which have risen 20 per cent this year, added Suresh Kumar, general manager, EFS.

"EEF provides investors the opportunity to diversify their holdings in leading UAE companies, where the investor participating in the fund would benefit from the expertise of the fund management team who would, using professional analysis, manage investments on a continuous basis," he explained.

The Dubai floor will display the fund's net asset value (NAV) on its monitors, while the EFS will accept and manage all subscription and redemption orders, and maintain and manage the register of fund unit holders.

The NAV will also be published as part of the DFM's periodic bulletins, the release added.