Emirates Draw MEGA7 soars to Dh140 million this festive season

Dubai: The participants of Emirates Draw weekly games were in for an eventful weekend with brimming cash prizes and surprises over the weekend. A whopping Dh749,919 in aggregate was distributed in Emirates Draw EASY6 and MEGA7 winnings, taking the total fifteen-month prize winnings to over Dh48 million.

Radio presenter Kris Fade co-hosted the Sunday game announcing this week’s 20 guaranteed raffle winners, 19 of whom won Dh10,000 each, and the 20th winner took home Dh77,777. The ‘Dubai Bling’ star also unveiled the big news of adding a sizeable ‘bling’ to the largest Grand Prize in the Middle East, Africa and Asia of Emirates Draw MEGA7 for this week only. Since there has been no winner thus far, the Grand Prize of Dh120 million has been boosted to an astounding Dh140 million for any individual or group who match all seven numbers from right to left for the upcoming draw. Participants can now make the most of this life-changing opportunity.

Giving back to community

Emirates Draw continues to build on its promise of giving back to individuals and the community through its ‘Games for All’ in hopes of getting lucky winners one step closer to their dreams and transforming lives ‘For A Better Tomorrow’.

Meanwhile, the eleventh Emirates Draw EASY6 episode lit up the lives of 3,890 winners with Dh272,962 in cash prizes, including six guaranteed winners of Dh15,000 each in the raffle portion. The Epic Dh15 Million Grand Prize is up for grabs by a single person or group who can match all six numbers in any order. Participants have another opportunity to play in the next Emirates Draw EASY6 game set to broadcast live at 9pm this Friday, December 16.

New winners

On the other hand, the 63rd episode of Emirates Draw MEGA7 witnessed 5,890 winners taking home a total winning amount of Dh468,957. Besides the 20 guaranteed winners of the raffle portion this week, the main draw had 11 participants match four out of seven digits to win Dh7,777, and 46 participants match three out of seven digits to win Dh777, and as many as 560 participants match two out of seven digits to win Dh77. Moreover, nearly 10 per cent of all participants matched one out of seven digits to become instant Dh7 winners.

Dh140 million grand prize

The astounding Dh140 Million Grand Prize, the largest in the MENA and Asia, is only up for grabs for this week to be claimed by a single person or group who can match all seven numbers from right to left in the upcoming draw. Participants can play more to win more in the next game, set to broadcast live at 9pm on Sunday, December 18.