Labourers in the UAE
Image Credit: GN Archive

Dubai: Movement has been restricted in Al Quoz and Dubai Investment Park over the duration of the Eid holidays, a healthcare professional close to the situation told Gulf News on Monday.

The healthcare professional whose clinic is based in Al Quoz confirmed that clinic timings had changed from 9am to 9.30pm to 9am to 5pm as a result of circulars that had been sent out confirming restrictions in the area to limit movement in the area.

These restrictions didn't just apply to Al Quoz but also Dubai Investment Park, confirmed the healthcare professional.

Both areas are home to workers accommodations and Eid holidays are traditionally a time when such areas would become busy due to Eid traffic as workers are off duty.  

It is believed authorities have moved to prevent this as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus, according to the healthcare worker.

The healthcare professional said the circular had stated that the movement restrictions would continue from Sunday until Tuesday to ensure people weren’t meeting others are were abiding by social distancing rules.

Sources close to Gulf News reported road closures and stop checks in both locations.

Gulf News has approached the relevant authorities for comment.