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Sharjah: Hundreds of Emirates Environmental Group volunteers participated in a clean-up campaign, mopping up tonnes of waste at Al Maliha in Sharjah.

Held under the Patronage of the Ministry of Economy, the 18th cycle of the annual national environmental campaign “Clean Up UAE”, EEG kicked off the campaign from Sharjah.

Equipped with bio-degradable trash bags, cotton re-usable gloves, caps and t-shirts, volunteers picked up trash in a massive clean Up drive that collected approximately 2.5 tonnes of waste of which 700 Kg was segregated for recyling at the beautiful wide expanse of the Al Maliha site in a span of two hours.

The campiagn was supported by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and Bee’ah, Nestle Middle East, Fujariah Plastic Factory for providing biodegradable plastic bags, Almarai and Al Jazeera International Catering.

Habiba Al Mar’ashi, chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group, announced the start of the 10-day long campaign that will cover various emirates.

“This year’s event will not only celebrate and uphold the vision, mission and tradition of EEG to conserve and protect our country and planet. The theme of the campaign this year is “Are you the solution to this Pollution” which focuses on the role of everyone regardless of their status, nationality, gender etc. This bodes well with the theme set this year by the leadership of the Country “The Year of Tolerance” In creating this fabric of togetherness, Tolerance is the thread that will weave safety, stability and happiness into the lives of people across the world. With Tolerance, we can hope to build the world as one family that shares with each other the benefices of the planet, where future generations continue to understand, empathise with and support each other’s needs and aspirations.”

“This is a community celebration. We are proud to say that we’ve seen how members of the entire family – mothers, fathers, daughters and sons – come together to serve as volunteers. It also gives us great satisfaction that our activity is highly anticipated by residents of various communities every year,” Habiba added.