Image Credit: AntoninKelian Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: The creative impulses of young people are the wind beneath the wings of change that power society into the future. In the expressions and thoughts of the young are found the impetuses for a better tomorrow. 

Gulf News is set to launch a dedicated platform for students in the UAE with a special weekly page in the newspaper that will feature their creativity in the form of essays, stories, columns, photos, poems and art work.

By offering this platform, Gulf News aims to showcase the wealth of student talent in the UAE and bring to the fore their ideas, aspirations and ambitions for all to read, enjoy and benefit from.

Each month, the weekly page will be based on themes and the most compelling submissions on these themes will be published.

The platform is open to all English-medium schools across the UAE. 

Students can also send theme-based videos and the best videos will be posted on the Gulf News website, 

All submissions are required to adhere to criteria detailed on this page (see below). 

Submissions are open with immediate effect and the launch date of the weekly initiative will be announced shortly.

Themes for October

The 3 most important changes the world must make to become a better place.

Bullying in schools and what can be done to stop it.

Do you believe you have enough sports facilities in your school and also in your neighbourhood? What more would you like to see?

Eligibility criteria

Submissions are open to students from UAE schools only.

All submissions must be in the English language.

The platform is open only to students of Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Each student can send a maximum  of 3 submissions with their photo, grade, school name, and contact number accompanying each submission.

Word length per submission (story, essay, column, photo essay or poem or other form of writing) is 350-400 words. Students can provide visuals in the form of drawings, photographs, illustrations, to accompany their copy

Submissions must be based on any of the themes for the month announced on this page.

Best works for publication will be selected by Gulf News and the paper reserves the right to its decision.

Submissions are open with immediate effect.