Abu Dhabi Residents in the UAE are being warned not to fall prey to advertisements by non-accredited universities.

The advertisements are being distributed through various channels — media outlets, posters and flyers, said a senior official at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

"The problem is that these advertisements are being published because a few of the universities do not have valid permission, while those that do have obtained their licence from the [government] and then approach various media outlets, which fail to check with us regarding their validity," said Dr Saeed Hamad Al Hassani, the ministry's undersecretary. "We have notified all [media outlets] against publishing these advertisements… in addition, the ministry is broadcasting warnings about them on national television every few months."

If you wish to learn more about the various universities located in the UAE, or those that are recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, please visit https://www.mohesr.gov.ae/en/

For more details, visit https://www.mohesr.gov.ae/en/