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The event has attracted a strong participation from both families and senior educators Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Students and parents received expert and first-hand advice on all things related to admissions to top unariiversities in the UAE and abroad during the second day of the Gulf News Edufair on Saturday in Dubai.

Attending the three-day Gulf News Edufair on Saturday at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Siby Madathikudiyil and Tossy Siby, who came with their eldest son David, said the education fair provided them with adequate information and an opportunity to benchmark various higher education institutions in the country.

David Siby (R) with parents Tossy Siby and Siby Madathikudiyil at Gulf News Edufair 2022 in Dubai
David Siby (R) with parents Tossy Siby and Siby Madathikudiyil Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

“We particularly liked the seminars at GN Edufair – they were very helpful in giving us ideas about courses and school fees at various universities,” said the Indian couple, who are Sharjah residents.

“We have four children and we have been thinking whether we send them abroad or let them stay here in college. After attending the seminars and talking to various university representatives, we were convinced that it is best for our children to stay here,” Siby noted.

David, who is currently a Grade 10 student at Ryan International School in Sharjah, said he is planning of taking up either architecture or civil engineering in college; and attending Gulf News Edufair has given him a “clearer picture of university life in the UAE”.

Guide to college life

Siblings Ryan and Debbie Jimmy, who are in Grades 8 and 11 respectively, also appreciated the holding of Gulf News Edufair.

Siblings Ryan and Debbie Jimmy with parents Jimmy Jose and Smitha Jimmy at Gulf News Edufair 2022 in Dubai
Siblings Ryan and Debbie Jimmy with parents Jimmy Jose and Smitha Jimmy Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Debbie said: “Although I’m not yet 100 per cent sure whether I will be pursuing computer science or chemical engineering, at least I now understand what will be the requirements when I go to a university.”

Her younger brother Ryan said: “I’m still in Grade 8 but now I got some ideas what I will be taking up in college.

Their parents, Jimmy Jose and Smitha Jimmy, said it was their first time to attend Gulf News Edufair, which is now in its second edition. “The event is an eye-opener for parents like us, who really must make a very informed decision to prepare their children.”

Gulf News Edufair, which runs until Sunday, May 29, is a one-stop shop for everything to know about going to university in the UAE and abroad. Students and their families interact face-to-face with admissions officers and faculties. They are also able to compare scholarship and admissions options. Several seminars are also being held over the course of three days to give insights on emerging higher-education trends and future of work.

All under one roof

Dr Rex Bacarra, professor lecturer Curtin University Dubai and digital faculty consultant McGraw-Hill Emea, said it is a beneficial event for parent and students to have everything they need to know “all under one roof”.

Dr Rex Bacarra

He added: “We have here some of the top universities in UAE with international linkages. As an academician, I’m able to explain in person to parents and students what we offer at our university. This face-to-face interaction is far more informative and helpful to both parents and students rather than just checking at university website.

“This event is also helpful for us not only to promote our respective universities but also to interact with the parents and students and know what they need and want. For this we are thankful to Gulf News for organising this beneficial event.”

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Last day

Tomorrow, May 29, is the last day of Gulf News EduFair. Students and their families can still register for this not-to-be-missed opportunity that will run until 7pm at Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, along Sheikh Zayed Road. They can register in advance on the event’s dedicated website,