181213 School fight
A violent school fight among students in Sharjah led the education authority to launch an investigation. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: An online video portraying a group of rowdy, unruly male teenagers has prompted school authorities in Sharjah to launch an investigation into the incident.

The video, which quickly circulated across social networking sites in the UAE, showed at least 20 other Grade 10 students in front of the school gates as they threw punches, kicked and exchanged verbal abuse, while others chanted and clapped in unison.

181213 sharjah brawl
School authorities have warned parents to educate their children and teach them how to behave properly. Image Credit: Screengrab

According to Arabic media reports, the incident took place at a school in the Al Ghubaiba area of Sharjah city.

The local park of Al Ghubaiba is located in a residential area surrounded by a number of nurseries and schools.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) confirmed that no one was injured in the school brawl.

“Authorities have sent a team to follow up on the incident after it was notified of the video clip. The SPEA also requested the private school to send a detailed report and the circumstances that led to the fight,” reported the Arabic daily Al Bayan.

The school director was also quoted by Arabic reports, who pointed out that there was an initial fight between two students after they finished their exam, before others quickly joined.

An official at SPEA warned parents of the valuable role they play towards their child’s upbringing, and stressed on the need for all parties concerned in promoting tolerance among students and employees in educational institutions.