University of Sharjah
Dr Hussein M Elmehdi, Dean, Academic Support Services Image Credit: Supplied

Admissions at the University of Sharjah (UOS) will soon open for the fall 2021/2022 academic year for more than 50 fully accredited undergraduate academic programmes, which cover arts and humanities, Sharia and law, basic sciences and engineering, medical and health sciences, computing and informatics, communications, business administration and fine arts. In addition, UOS offers a wide range of MSc and PhD in more than 50 programmes.

“UOS provides a very strong research and scholarship foundation, featuring four research and training institutes that supplement teaching and learning,” says Dr. Hussein M Elmehdi, Dean, Academic Support Services. “This allows our students to get hands-on experience so that they are ready for employability.” UOS offers its students state-of-the- art educational as well as research laboratories and innovation centres where students can get involved in research and innovation very early in their academic programmes. With more than 100 nationalities, UOS also offers a unique student experience where they get to experience first-hand the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

“Over the past few years, UOS has focused on providing students with the required skills that ensure their readiness for the ever-evolving job market,” says Dr Elmehdi.

Through the Career Advising and Student Training Office (CASTO), UOS provides students with excellent internship training opportunities in collaboration with industrial partners, local authorities, companies, and hospitals that offer the best hands-on practical experience. “Along the same line, UOS provides its students with employment opportunities within the campus where they are given the opportunity to work as research and teaching assistants or as support staff in various administrative offices,”h e says.

UOS has also established an international internship training programme with several global educational and research institutions, as well as training agencies for students interested to train outside the UAE. “The ultimate goal is to prepare graduates for the ever-evolving job market, which needs continuous update of academic programmes by incorporating various employability skills,” adds Dr Elmehdi.