GEMS Founders School Mizhar. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Courtesy: GEMS Education

Dubai: GEMS Education has launched its ‘GEMS Alumni’ programme to connect some 400,000 of its alumni from its UAE-based schools on one digital platform.

The programme creates a network of former GEMS students from around the world to “facilitate career successes” across “in-demand industries”, including aviation, technology and education.

The initial roll-out of GEMS Alumni includes a dedicated website and app launched for past scholars to sign up and log on to. The programme offers a range of opportunities for its members — from reconnecting with old friends to professional networking and access to global alumni chapters.

Opportunities and offers

Another focus is career development, with alumni able to take advantage of career webinars, mentorship opportunities and industry panel discussions. GEMS alumni will also have the opportunity to avail exclusive offers locally and internationally.

The number of GEMS alumni — dating as far back as 1959 — currently stands at around 400,000 former students who have all graduated from or attended a GEMS school at some point in their school life. All of them are now able to access the GEMS Alumni’s app and website.

Opening doors

GEMS Education CEO Dino Varkey, himself an alumnus from GEMS Modern Academy, said: “After more than 60 years, you can meet a friendly GEMS face no matter where in the world you find yourself because our network of graduates and former students is truly global. I look forward to seeing the GEMS Alumni programme take off further, bringing together and opening even more doors for the many thousands of GEMS students we’ve had the privilege of teaching over the years.”

Success stories

From student to vice-principal

Sheeba Jojo

Sheeba Jojo graduated from GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai (OOD) in 1989. Today, she is back at OOD working as vice-principal while at the same time pursuing a PhD in e-learning.

Connecting the world

Akash Subramanian

Akash Subramanian graduated from GEMS Modern Academy in 2014. Today, he works at Facebook in California, having pursued a career in technology inspired by Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

Serving dishes for the elite

Aamir Hashmi

Aamir Hashmi graduated from Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi in 2012 and learnt the culinary arts. His career took him to the GCC Summit, serving high-profile guests including former US President Barack Obama. After competing internationally, he began working at a Michelin-star restaurant in Barcelona.

Taking to the skies

Basim Gondal

Basim Gondal graduated in 2010 from Wesgreen International School, Sharjah. He became a pilot with Air Arabia and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in aviation management.

Becoming a businessman

Jassim Bangara

Jassim Bangara graduated from GEMS Modern Academy in 2005. He worked in Canada and Hong Kong before returning to Dubai to help out with his family’s business. He went on to launch his own company and also works as a strategy consultant on the side.

Helping bring 5G to India

Vrunda Shah

Vrunda Shah spent all her school years at GEMS Our Own English High School, Sharjah. After completing her engineering degree in India, she joined Intel, where she worked in a team that was responsible for creating chips for different devices to bring 5G to India.