YR9, Kings’ School Al Barsha

“Greta Thunberg is a young environmental activist who wants to see action taken against climate change. Thousands of articles and studies have, and continue to be, published on it on the internet as well as on news channels, documentaries and many media on the consequences [of climate change]. Many of these consequences were predicted over 40 to 50 years ago.

“It is disappointing to know how long we have been aware about this problem yet, didn’t act upon it.

“I don’t believe that the future of our planet should lie in the hands of just the young generation. Everyone who lives on this planet has a duty to act upon climate change or else future generations will be left to suffer and fix the mistakes of those who lived before them.

“I am concerned about our how the planet will be when I’m older. It is our home and deserves care and love in return for all it has given us. Our planet has protected us; now it is humanity’s turn to protect it for all.”

Nina Mull

Year 13, Dubai College

“Greta Thunberg is the absolute embodiment of the idea that no matter how small we think we are, we can make a difference. Most importantly, she demonstrates that our efforts towards preventing climate change just are not enough — the brutal truth is that we are essentially doing nothing. I have been aware of climate change since I was young, just like Greta, but it’s an issue that has habitually been pushed to the side.

“Global warming is happening right now, and unless we act immediately, the consequences for our planet will be dire. Whilst it is absolutely the duty of young people to lead change in the world on the environment, it is clear that most emissions aren’t caused by individuals, they are in fact caused by states and corporations; a point which Greta emphasises greatly.

“Unless people in positions of power are willing to make the right changes for the sake of our planet, instead of focusing on financial gains, the future of our planet is in danger. The time to act is now. Otherwise, we lose our future.”

Riddhi Goswami

Grade 11, Indian High School, Dubai

“Greta Thunberg has made headlines with her noble initiatives. Even though she is only 16, her words are powerful and her intentions are set in stone. In my opinion, climate change is largely ignored mainly because of the various investments it requires. In the ambitious world of today, everyone is after personal gain.

“It is our future that we are worried about. We have depleted our share of resources and are now turning to space to fulfil our demands. Though I am quite worried about how the planet will be when I am an adult, environmentalists like Greta can renew our faith in humanity. The youth is the main driving force of any nation and can often lead to changes in decisions.”

Pranadarth Prakash

Grade 11, Dubai American Academy

“I heard about Greta Thunberg when I was annotating a non-literary text during practice for my English final exam last year. The text brought to light Thunberg’s perseverance and grit throughout her journey as a climate change activist. She is indeed an inspiration to youngsters like me.

“Over the years, the issue [of climate change] has heated up and certainly gotten more severe. I believe that the initiative should be taken up by youngsters as we are the generation that will be affected the most. I am deeply concerned for the future of the Earth as well as the human race. Immediate action needs to be taken in order to prevent irreversible changes to the Earth’s environment.”


YR11, Kings’ School Al Barsha

“I have heard of Greta Thunberg and I am very aware of climate change [which] has been covered in the media for a number of years. Despite this awareness, it is disappointing that not enough people are taking action to implement change.

“As young people, we will live to witness the consequences of climate change, which are now beginning to show.

“I am very concerned for the future of the planet. It seems almost unimaginable that sea levels could rise to a point where floods become a daily occurrence or where the weather becomes so unsuitable for plants and animals that they can no longer survive.”